Social Media Management

The management of your social media accounts is in safe hands with Netport Digital's expert, young and dynamic staff! As a 360-degree digital media agency, we also act with the mission of a social media agency and carry out social media content management, reporting, strategy preparation, creative designs and themes, social media consultancy and social media monitoring processes on behalf of our partners, together with our partners.


Social Media Strategy

We analyze your social media accounts, guide you on which channels you should focus on if you do not have accounts, examine what kind of language you should use and offer you pinpoint creative solutions. We conduct competitor analysis, prepare a comprehensive study on what kind of design language you should create, and place your brand at the top of digital platforms with all our analysis - management - reporting and consultancy services.


Corporate Identity Creation

Having a language that reflects your corporate identity in digital media is among the benefits of the 21st century. The progress of your social media accounts in a certain theme, the integration of your language with designs suitable for your corporate colors and stance, distinguishes you from your competitors and brings your brand awareness to the top.


360 Degrees Social Media Agency

As Netport Digital, we closely follow all innovations in digital media and reflect these innovations to the accounts of our partners that we manage social media. Content Management We divide our planned posts into weekly and monthly, and at the same time, we ensure that your social media accounts are always active with our instant posts. Together with our creative team, we brainstorm different and creative solutions for your brand and present the social media content we prepare for your approval in advance. We monitor your social media follow-up instantly and closely monitor all developments related to your brand.


Customer Loyalty

We respond to comments and messages received on your social media pages as soon as possible, produce content according to the interests of your followers and make interesting posts related to your corporate identity in order to keep their interest alive. Since we set the satisfaction of our solution partners as our main goal, we fulfill all our responsibilities for the satisfaction of our partners' customers, and we place the wishes and requests of the businesses whose social media accounts we take over at the forefront.


Online Crisis Management

Since social media crisis management can seriously damage your brand's reputation, it is of great importance to take precautions in advance and to know what kind of measures should be taken in case of a crisis. As Netport Digital, with our 16 years of experience, our young, dynamic and expert staff, we take precautions in advance against any attacks your brand may face, analyze what we can do in the event of a possible crisis, and successfully complete the process of controlling and managing the situation from all channels by further increasing the value of your brand.


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