Opening and Launch Meetings

Make a difference with targeted creative organizations that reflect your brand image

First Impression

The first time a company or organization starts to provide services or the first time a product is launched is very effective in terms of brand image. Managing this process well adds value to the brand from the very beginning. The opening organization and launch can be considered as the promotional action of the brand.



Netport organizes the most suitable media outlets, venue selection, sound and lighting systems. It also provides invitations, staff and security, transportation, parking and refreshments. Netport performs photo and video shooting, which is one of the most important processes of the organization.



Considering the increased competition today, for a product or service to make an effective entry into the market, it needs to be remarkable and reflect the brand well. The right venue and guests, technological production, and a clear message are the mirror of brand reputation. Just as the first impression is important when we meet someone, the first time a product or service presents itself to consumers and the press should also be meticulous.


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