Event Organizations

Organize the most effective events

If we want to show our brand stance and gain customer sympathy, we need to give great importance to event organization.  Event organization consists of 3 stages: Planning, implementation and evaluation.



  • Purpose of the activity (e.g. attracting families with children to the shopping mall)
  • Target group definition (e.g. families with children and children)
  • The intended message (e.g. AVM is a fun environment that values creativity
  • Activity type/concept development (e.g. painting workshop)
  • Conceptualization: Duration, activity detail
  • Budgeting


  • Determining the time and venue of the event
  • Deciding on media communication materials
  • Preparation of guest list and invitations
  • Decor design
  • Provision of technical equipment
  • Team on duty
  • Giving gifts or prizes to commemorate the event
  • Preparation of press dossier/kit
  • Organizing issues such as security, transportation
  • Writing a press release
  • Sending a thank you letter


  • Identification of problems and solutions
  • Evaluation of the level of participation
  • Examination of press reflections

If all these items are carried out in order and in a coordinated manner, we will have a successful event and increase our brand reputation.


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