e-Commerce Marketing

e-Commerce Marketing
E-commerce is winning! E-commerce platforms, which have drawn an irrepressible rise graph today and carried the competition between them and traditional retailing to a different dimension, started to distance themselves from traditional retailing with the coronavirus epidemic that affected the whole world. Even people who have never shopped online before have started to fulfill their needs from E-commerce sites. Experts are of the opinion that this essential situation will turn into a habit in the future and the rise of E-commerce will continue to increase many times over.

If you want to move your products to E-commerce, but don't know where to start, your address is Netport Digital. We offer you 360-degree E-commerce services and manage all processes for you, starting from scratch.

First of all, we need to state that the most important thing for a new E-commerce site is to pay due attention to advertising and promotional activities and in this way to turn the consumers who are "attracted" to your site from potential customers to loyal customers. This means a very challenging process. No matter how good your product is, if you don't have a common market integration and the right advertising and marketing strategy, you are likely to disappear among hundreds or even thousands of E-commerce sites selling the same or similar products.

What are the ways to publicize a new E-commerce site?
1- Google Ads
Google Ads, which will bring your products together with your target audience and appear at the top of Google searches as sponsored using different keywords, are a must for E-commerce.

2- Social Media Ads
One of the most important steps of e-commerce marketing is social media ads. You should definitely take advantage of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is possible to increase the awareness of your brand and direct your potential customers to direct sales with professional help on which platform to advertise according to the product you sell and the target audience you address, or which one to focus on if you advertise on more than one platform.

3- E-Mail Marketing
Email marketing, which we know as "mailing" for short, will be very useful, especially if you have a customer portfolio or potential customer information.

In e-mail marketing, you can direct your customers to a single product, campaign or your website in general. In addition, as the number of members of your e-commerce site increases, your customer portfolio will expand, so your loyal customers will be aware of your new campaigns.

What do we do as Netport Digital?
As Netport Digital, we set up every step from e-commerce installation to integration of common marketplaces, from marketing via social media to marketing via e-mail, from Google ads to the opening and management of your brand's social media accounts, we make the content of your site, we realize the e-commerce interface design, we advertise on social media and Google, we include you in the Facebook market, we ensure that you are seen in the Google Shopping section, we ensure that you rank high in Google searches with our SEO compatible design. In addition, we carry out campaigns suitable for your brand's target audience, make the content and design of your campaigns on special days, add them to your site, make your ads on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook and Google, increase your followers thanks to our social media management and take your social media accounts to a whole new dimension!

Also, one of the organic ways to stand out in Google searches; blogging. By writing original content for your e-commerce site, we introduce your loyal customers to your new products, bring new customers by sharing the articles on your social media accounts, and make you stand out in search engines by using the right keywords and giving importance to SEO-compliant writing.

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