Brand Creation and Positioning

Target Audience

We cannot think of brand building and positioning separately. It is not possible to create a brand without positioning. The positioning configuration, which starts with determining the target audience, continues by identifying the point where the product or service is different from others. It is also important not to forget to analyze competitors before deciding to whom and under what conditions it will be offered. 


Integrated Marketing

Accurate positioning is essential for the full implementation of integrated marketing. Netport displays the brand's features and promises in a logical and attention-grabbing framework with creative ideas on platforms that can reach the target audience. It takes responsibility for the entire process from brand name to slogan. It handles the brand as a whole and manages it consistently.


Corporate Identity and Customer Loyalty

In order to create brand awareness, first of all, it is necessary to position the brand correctly so that it can gain the sympathy of potential customers. Creating a corporate identity that does not fit the product or service, the vision and mission of the organization can kill the brand before it is born. Netport applies the necessary communication activities to keep this positioning permanent after positioning and aims to gain customer loyalty.


Consult us to create a brand with the right positioning.


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